Nicola Parsons


'When I'm older I want to be Ryan Giggs'. When I realised this wasn't possible and, sadly, not an option, I had to look to what I was good at – which was music and art. These are two of my greatest loves – which is quite apparent in my artwork.

It was when studying A-Level Art in Essex that I first tried to combine the two. I would often slip away from the class to the other side of the art room, carefully remove the battered acoustic guitar with two strings from the Still Life - and it was here I mastered the guitar. I say 'mastered the guitar', I had a repertoire of two songs – Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song' and 'Come As You Are' by Nirvana.

'PUT THE GUITAR DOWN PARSONS!' – my teacher would shout at me from the other side of the room.

I didn't put the guitar down. In fact, ten years later I continued to teach myself guitar, write music, sing and also dusted off the piano (having been classically trained to Grade 8 standard from a youngster) which I cruelly neglected after my new found love for the guitar in my wild A-Level Art Rock 'n' Roll days as above. This is why the majority of my artwork is inspired by musicians.

I specialise in acrylic painting. I love its diversity and how mixing with different mediums can create so many different effects. I'm very interested in glazing (layering) techniques and am looking to use this as a key technique behind my next set of artwork. I'm also currently fascinated with heavy impasto work which I have started to experiment with. I am the proud new owner of a set of palette knives – which, I have discovered the hard way, require much practice with in order to master. I regularly use charcoal, ink, pastels and pencil – which I never tire of.

Now, a little older, and still not Ryan Giggs, I have been painting seriously for several years. I have had many commissions from Miles Davis to Prince, Bob Marley to friends' boyfriends (in one case, now 'ex' I'm told – which I have been assured was not a result of the drawing!). Some of the musicians who I have painted have given me some wonderful feedback – which has been extremely encouraging.

My aim over the coming years is really to develop my own unique style. I have been placing importance, and perhaps too much, on resemblance. Now I want to take this further and to be able to create more of unique style in my art and put more of my personality into each piece. This will include more experimentation with colour and textures – as mentioned above.

Hopefully, in another few years, with much hard work and determination, you will be able to see this start of my journey develop into something greater. In the comforting words of Ralph Waldo Emerson -'Every artist was first an amateur'.

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